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TSHIRTFINDERS | How To Start Your Own T-Shirt Business

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How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Business: Starting With Print-On-Demand Platforms!


Thinking about taking on the task of starting a t-shirt business may sound complicated and very hard? However, today with print-on-demand the process is now simplified to get started with your t-shirt business.  We’ve created this short article to provide you with just the basic and necessary information to get you started by using the print-on-demand platforms to create a successful online t-shirt business.

So….Let’s get started.

Below are the  most important things you need to know before starting, so read it and let it sink in!

  1. Your Niche. So begin brainstorming and choose  a niche, and try to eliminate choosing a over-saturated niche for your t-shirt business.
  2. Your Design: Choosing a design can be time consuming and nobody will buy your t-shirt if the designs don’t look good!. So if your pressed for time or do not have graphic design skills.. hire a good graphic designer..
  3.   The Quality: Most print-on-demand platforms provide good quality t-shirts, so unless you want to spend an extra step looking for manufactures for the quality… go at it, but just a reminder print-on-demand provide the shirts.
  4. Your Choice of Print-on- Demand Platform. There are so many print-on-demand platforms, so do your research and determine which platform with meet your needs. There are plenty of resource on each of the print-on-demand websites.

Three most popular print-on-demand platforms:

Merch by Amazon



These are just to name a few….

Since this is a short article to get your t-shirt business started, we have included a list of books that can help with the entire process of starting a online t-shirt business.

Launch a Kick Ass T-Shirt Brand: An Essential Guide to Building a T-Shirt Empire
by AJ Camara (Author), Moust Camara (Author)

T-Shirt Business: How To Work From Home Starting Your Own Online Business In A Popular Teespring Niche! Kindle Edition
by Nick Logan (Autho


So, Go make it happen!

Oh, And check out TSHIRTFINDERS !!

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